All the traditions of the earth include in their practices some deep cleansing rituals that include body, mind and spirit. In Ayurveda, Panchakarma therapy fulfills this function.

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Samayur - Ayurveda Purificações

What it is the Pancha Karma

Consisting of two words, pancha – five, karma – action / action.

It is a therapy that completely removes toxins from the body, known as detox therapy. It is made through a special diet, massage with oils, fomentation. By completing these therapies, specialized forms of vomiting (vamana), purging (virachana), enema / enema (basti), nasya and raktamokshana are made, removing toxic excesses from their original places.

Thus Ayurveda rejuvenates and rebuilds the body cells, bringing balance to the body.

The Therapies

The typology of natural treatments is varied. Some of the most commonly used methods are briefly described.

Samayur - Ayurveda Pancha Purificações

Removes doshas (entities responsible for metabolism, whose imbalance can cause disease) via the oral route, inducing vomiting.

Therapeutic indications: obesity, asthma, rhinitis, diabetes, among other eating and / or respiratory disorders.

Elimination of doshas by purging or expelling toxic waste from the body.

Therapeutic indications: skin problems, headaches, intestinal parasites, among other disorders.

Catheter administration of liquid medications through the anus, urethra or vagina.

Basti (the above-mentioned method, based on the application of aqueous infusions and natural oils) is said to be half of the treatment, as it is indicated for the cure of most diseases, and is mainly applicable to vata (nervous system related) problems.

Therapeutic indications: neurological problems (stroke, for example), stress, joint pain, or other dysfunctions, such as pathologies resulting from imbalances in the body.

Drug administration through the nasal passages.

This methodological procedure is ideal for treating physical or psychological diseases in the head, since the nasal passages are the closest, being the favorite for the elimination of doshas located in the head.

Therapeutic indications: stiff neck, earache, toothache, cranial nerve palsy, auditory tinnitus, among other disorders.

Localized surgical process consisting of bleeding the patient for therapeutic purposes.

It is usually used in blood problems.

Examples of therapeutic indications are skin problems, herpes, abscesses, fevers, or any type of intoxication, among other disorders of the blood system.

Method involving the application of flowing medicinal fluids (oils, medicated milk, and other prepared therapeutic liquids) to the forehead, especially in the “third eye”, a marma point (vital point) even between the eyebrows. The expression Siro dhara derives from two Sanskrit words: siro – head, dhara – flow.

Siro dhara is a useful therapy for mental relaxation, insomnia, stress, depression, decreased mental abilities, among other nervous system imbalances.

Application and gentle massage of medicinal oils on the body, according to the pathology and / or dosha of each patient.

Indicated for various pathologies, such as debilitated states, among others, or for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Note: All above treatments have contraindications. For example in physically disabled patients, the elderly, children, pregnant women, among other specific weaknesses that may present.

Therefore, special care should be taken in the administration of these treatments and prior consultation is advised to confirm that the treatment is appropriate for each situation in each patient.

Note: On medical advice, all treatments mentioned require a stay of at least seven days in a harmonious place in balance with the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth).