Breakfast, Yes or No?

“I have to have breakfast because
– I spent the night without eating;
– my nutritionist says;
– everyone says;
– my partner says I have to eat;
– to keep company;
But I’m not hungry in the morning. “

I have several patients who come up with this history of having breakfast.
When I tell them, if you’re not hungry don’t eat, the patients sigh with relief, “I’ll finally be able to hear my body.”
No one but the person himself knows his body. No one but the person himself will have the consequences of what is imposed on him by society and the media.
Feel your body before going “after” any fashion.

Ayurvedic medicine says that the ideal is to eat a consistent meal once a day. Preferably when the sun is at its highest, as it is when the digestive fire (agni) is also highest. And the rest of the day, if we are hungry, eat unprocessed food such as fruit and nuts.

Nowadays, constant stimuli give rise to excessive consumption of matter, from food, clothing, cars, etc. Eating with very sharp and strong flavors makes us “dependent” on those flavors and have the “need” to eat often. Consequently, the body has no time to rest, to replenish its previous diet and to eliminate toxins in the body. And so, the body and the mind become intoxicated.

Hence the need to fast from time to time to cleanse the body and mind. There are several types of fasting, find the one that makes the most sense. Know yourself, feel and enjoy!