Vaginal Candidiasis…

Vaginal candidiasis is a very common and sometimes taboo situation in women.
I have known from teens to ladies of 70 years with candidiasis and was not about the intimate hygiene, but about the acidity of the body, more specifically in the vagina.

The most serious case I had was a 45-year-old female patient with 11-year-old candidiasis, who was desperate and no longer working. The main treatment was to calm stress due to lifestyle and change the diet. These two factors, the patient continues to have attention even after 3 years after treatment and not have candidiasis again. Also took Ayurvedic medication for 1 year.

For those with chronic candidiasis, medication is not enough. Leaving everything that is refined sugar, wheat, dairy products, reducing carbohydrates, gradually removing coffee to reduce the level of stress in the body, are some of the things you can do in this case.