What is an Ayurvedic consultation?

I realized that there are people who do not come to an Ayurveda appointment because they do not know what it is for.

I usually have three types of patients, those who are curious, those who come for a lifestyle orientation, and those who feel sick.
For both the curious and the lifestyle seeker, consultation consists of dietary guidance, exercise, pranayama (breathing exercises), stress reduction (for most people).

There are patients who say they have nothing, but through the conversation we realize that they have allergies, or sleep poorly, or do not evacuate daily, among other situations that we do not give importance or attention because we are used to it. But by changing these patterns one feels calmer, lighter and more satisfied.

There are also patients coming to leave or avoid the chemical medications. Such as anxiolytics, antidepressants, heartburn medicines (omeoprazole, pantoprazole, etc.), blood pressure, among other medicines.

Patients with specific diseases such as anxiety and depression, insomnia, gastritis, allergies, intestinal problems, candidiasis (even chronic candidiasis, we have good results), and lately many endometriosis patients, among other conditions.

The consultation is not just about prescribing medication. By the way medication is the last thing I talk about, because the goal is the person not to depend on any type of medication, but to be autonomous and feel healthy.

First we talk about all the other aspects, such as diet, pranayama, physical exercise, among other treatments that can improve the person’s daily life. Therefore the patient always has “homework” and finally take Ayurvedic medicines that are herbal. Where the goal of taking them, most of the time, is for the body and mind to remember their true, healthy essence.

Being healthy does not imply taking too much of our time, we know that life is fast now and there is little time for everything. Physical exercise and pranayamas, if done daily, do not take much time. Even at the diet level, what is suggested will depend on time and availability, taking into account what may change, little by little, respecting your pace. Getting to know your body and state of mind better.