What to give our children when they are sick?

The other day I went to the pediatric emergency room. Half of the children (or more) had fever and cough. At least half of these children have been given a “tastiest” yogurt and those juices that are very fashionable these days and very practical.

Have you read the ingredients these products contain?

The properties of yogurt in Ayurveda is that it blocks the canals, produces mucus, makes the body cold. Do you really think that when we are coughing, congested with fever, yogurt will help?

It is a matter of being mindful of ourselves when we have these symptoms, eating a yogurt and feeling how the body reacts – the symptoms will get worse (better not to try on the child…).
So if yogurt has refined sugars and preservatives, it will increase the body’s acidity and thus increase the inflammatory process, which will further worsen the child’s health.

In the case of juices / pastes, I had to take a picture with the ingredients. It does not say the percentage of sugar or concentrated beet juice, among other things…

If you want easy and quick but also healthy foods, at least when you are sick to avoid antibiotics and get treated faster, I suggest you choose cooked fruit, which takes 3 minutes to peel, slice and bake. Flakes, these days there are various types of flakes, bake in water (gets lighter and easier to digest), we can crush with the magic wand if necessary. For those who like sweeter, sweeten with sugarcane molasses.

It is used for fever, gives strength, has various types of vitamins, iron, etc. Honey can also be used, especially if we have sputum. Spices such as cinnamon aid in sputum, nutmeg helps to relax, a hint of ginger, as well as help in sputum, is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce fever. It is important to use all spices sparingly, but they will aid digestion and improve flavor.
Avoid heavy, packaged and frozen foods.

Soups, boiled vegetables, chicken soup, kitchiri (recipe written in a previous post) – these are light foods, but also quick to cook.
For nowadays, when everything happens very quickly and there is a lot of work, I suggest something quick, practical, but let’s not forget about health ?